About us

Feed Innovation Services is a Dutch advisory and research partner in the feed and food chain, providing innovative knowledge solutions mainly for European, Asian, African, and Middle East and Oceania feed manufacturers, ingredient and additive suppliers, large scale farms, and their supporting institutions in the respective value chains.

Feed Innovation Services research facilities for broilers, piglets and laying hens allow clients to secure fast, independent and reliable applied research results. Its services encompass a wide range of advisory, research and business support solutions customized for clients operating in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East and Oceania.

Through and with its partners, Feed Innovation Services provides integrated solutions for the international feed, food and biomass sectors.

Background & Mission

Feed Innovation Services was established in 1986 to provide high value research and advisory services to the animal feed industry. Its passion for product development and profound knowledge of the animal feed industry scientific and business aspects made Feed Innovation Services a sought-after feed research partner. The company has more than 30 years as an international advisory, and Research and Development firm, with a worldwide network in the feed and food industries.

Feed Innovation Services sees both product innovation and expanding business to emerging markets; crucial for continued creation of long term added value to its Dutch and international client base. We focus on and value most the specific needs, wishes and interests of our clients. Our mission is continual creation of sustainable use of raw materials, optimized health and performance of the animals, and healthy food for the consumer.

Core Competences

Allowing our clients to increase efficiency, and performance, we put to work for you our core competences in the following areas:

  • Advisory in animal nutrition, feed formulation, quality management and assurance, animal physiology, and food technology;
  • Scientific and applied research in feed, food and biomass;
  • Business development support for companies in the feed and food sectors.

Our Unique Strongholds for your benefit are:

  • Tailored, flexible and quick response solutions are combined with committed client contact and care;
  • Reliable and discrete business-oriented pragmatic approach;
  • Extensive and specialized knowledge of feed optimization;
  • Deep understanding of the European, Asian, African, and Middle East and Oceania feed markets;
  • Extensive network with companies, institutions and governments in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East and Oceania;
  • Holistic solution provider with in-house scientific and business backbone.


Name Function Telephone number E-mail address
Wouter Rijm Managing Director

Feed formulations

Quality assurance

+31 (0)6 512 188 00 wouter@feed-innovation.com
Alex Fitié Product development +31 (0)6 532 621 62 alex@feed-innovation.com
Harm Fitié Account manager China +86 139 101 928 92 harm@feed-innovation.com
Jan Hendriks Finances +31 (0)6 204 218 72 jan@feed-innovation.com
Arjan van der Kolk Animal nutrition

Poultry experiments

Project management

+31 (0)6 204 321 81 arjan@feed-innovation.com
Zhang Sheng Business Development Manager China +31 (0)6 531 164 66 sheng@feed-innovation.com
Willem Smink Pig experiments

Animal nutrition

Animal physiology

+31 (0)6 204 905 09 willem@feed-innovation.com
Matthew Wedzerai Animal nutrition

Africa representative

+31 (0)6 148 610 96 matthew@feed-innovation.com

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