8 08, 2019

Brochure DiaCare pill for calves (looking for distributors)

Diarrhoea is the leading cause of death (56%) for young calves until weaning. Sometimes diarrhoea is caused by feeding errors. But, usually, it is caused by one or a combination of four infectious organisms, the bacterium E. coli, rota and corona viruses, and the single-celled parasite Cryptosporidium parvum. In recent years, cryptosporidiosis has been increasingly

11 04, 2018

Projectpresentatie EFRO-regeling: Grootschalige en functionele valorisatie van visreststromen naar waardevolle grondstoffen

Het project resulteert in nieuwe kennis en applicaties voor visreststromen en aquacultuurreststromen. Het project wordt mogelijk gemaakt door de samenwerking van de verschillende projectpartners: Living Foods B.V., Zuidema Projectmanagement, Fennema Food Development, Veltman Vis Service B.V., Feed Innovation Services B.V., Visafslag Lauwersoog B.V. en Global Energy Now! B.V. Voor meer informatie, zie deze link.

6 03, 2018

Workshop on poultry nutrition and health, and feed processing – a collaboration of Feed Innovation Services and Bioproton

The end of 2017 saw Feed Innovation Services (FIS) having a joint collaboration with Bioproton in one of the most successful workshops of the year. The workshop was attended by visitors from Egypt – feed producers, commercial farmers, abattoir owners and independent animal nutrition advisors. The workshop addressed the latest developments in poultry nutrition and

1 10, 2015

Towards development and partnership in Africa

In October 2015 Feed Innovation Services visited Africa to investigate the technical, economical, and environmental and health (animal and human) benefits of applying the Dutch feed formulation software and nutrition database to the currently used systems by Zimbabwe local feed producers. The expected benefits through the adoption of an animal feed formulation package and