Since 2015, Feed Innovation Services major in providing quality advisory services to African feed companies who seek to improve their feed formulation to meet the health requirements and production efficiency of the animals. We have a wide network in the feed and food chain in Africa, ranging from animal feed producers to fish farmers, and institutions. Besides working with the established feed producers, we also render services to infant feed producers and new entrants to the feed industry. Challenges owing to the ever increasing human population and crop failure due to droughts in most countries, calls for better optimization of feed formulation and alternative feed ingredients. For years, Feed Innovation Services has been active in the feed ingredient and feed additive industry.

Feed Innovation Services also works hand-in-glove with partner engineers and suppliers for all solutions outside its core animal nutrition expertise. Technical solutions can be provided, for example, in veterinary drugs and livestock equipment, among others.

Our prowess in research and development allows us to regularly venture into development and management of projects in partnership with African feed producers. Since 2015, FIS has developed premix products specifically for the African market (mainly hot climatic conditions). The product categories are as given below:

1. Broilers, layers and pig premixes

Premixes are usually expensive and scarce in most African feed producers; this is mainly so, in most cases, because feed producers buy