Since 2015, Feed Innovation Services major in providing quality advisory services to African feed companies who seek to improve their feed formulation to meet the health requirements and production efficiency of the animals. We have a wide network in the feed and food chain in Africa, ranging from animal feed producers to fish farmers, and institutions. Besides working with the established feed producers, we also render services to infant feed producers and new entrants to the feed industry. Challenges owing to the ever increasing human population and crop failure due to droughts in most countries, calls for better optimization of feed formulation and alternative feed ingredients. For years, Feed Innovation Services has been active in the feed ingredient and feed additive industry.

Feed Innovation Services also works hand-in-glove with partner engineers and suppliers for all solutions outside its core animal nutrition expertise. Technical solutions can be provided, for example, in veterinary drugs and livestock equipment, among others.

Our prowess in research and development allows us to regularly venture into development and management of projects in partnership with African feed producers. Since 2015, FIS has developed premix products specifically for the African market (mainly hot climatic conditions). The product categories are as given below:

1. Broilers, layers and pig premixes

Premixes are usually expensive and scarce in most African feed producers; this is mainly so, in most cases, because feed producers buy premixes they don’t need, and these premixes have fixed prices. Since 2014, Feed Innovation Services have been developing premixes (for broilers, layers and pigs in all phases of growth) for the African hot climatic conditions – tailored to meet the needs of animals in tropical climates. Tailor-made premixes with the precise specifications of the feed producers, is the best way we know a feed producer can acquire the right premixes optimised to meet the needs of the animal.

Stress-relieving products

Poultry stress pack

– FIS Poultry Stress Pack is rich in electrolytes and vitamins specifically formulated to provide good health and performance by replacing essential nutritional elements lost during periods of stress and dehydration – usually related to hot climatic conditions. The product is used for both broilers and layers. For day old chicks, it is used (5 days continuously) to reduce the effects of stress incurred during transportation from the hatchery to the rearing facilities.

Sow in hot climate pack

– This product is specifically made for sows. Studies in Netherlands have shown that 32% of the sows have a decrease in feed intake of more than 1.8 kg per day which lasts longer than 2 days. This decrease in feed intake generally occurs at the end of the first week of lactation or the start of the second week. This decrease in feed intake is higher under high temperatures. In addition, in heat stressed sows, the electrolyte balance will be decreased.
– This additive comprises of organic osmo-regulators to help sows suffering from water dehydration; by balancing water levels inside cells, thereby alleviating the negative effects of accumulated inorganic ions that destabilize cellular enzymes and other proteins. Overall, heat stress is alleviated by reducing cortisol and antidiuretic hormone levels.
– The product also contains synthetic amino acids and extra fat to minimize the metabolic heat production.
– Organic acids are also included in the pack; besides their antimicrobial function, organic acids improve proliferation of the epithelial cell lining, thereby maintaining the integrity and proper functioning of the epithelial cells.

2. Performance booster

Horse performance booster

– Racing horses require special feed additives that boost their performance. FIS Horse performance booster is a conditioning supplement for active horses, providing extra energy, protein and fatty acids. It also contains antioxidants, functional amino acids such as hydroxyproline (plays a key role for collagen stability – permitting flexibility of the collagen helix), and methyl donors for osmo-protection to improve heat resistance during strenuous activities.