Feed Innovation Services is active in Asia since 2006, realizing numerous successful advisory and business development trajectories for clients. Our core advisory activities are performed for Asian feed companies seeking to improve their feed formulation, and health and production efficiency of the animals. Though focus has mainly been on assisting companies and institutions in countries like China, South Korea and India, other noted countries in the South East Asian region, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines are attaining attention of the Feed Innovation Services team.

For technical solutions outside our core animal nutrition expertise, we work together with our distinguished partners; all reputable engineers and suppliers. This allows Feed Innovation Services to provide total solutions to its clients in the region.

Asian companies seeking entry to the EU market can rely on Feed Innovation Services to guide, support and assist in their business development endeavours.

China market perspective

Despite the rapid growing and professionalizing of the feed and farming industry in Asia, the technical results and health of the animals need much attention. Chinese consumers demand higher food safety standards. The Chinese government stimulates the development of for instance pig farms and slaughter houses, as China wants to become self sufficient in pork production in the future. Also, aquaculture including fish and shrimp farming is developing rapidly.

Feed Innovation Services sees in this emerging and professionalizing market, opportunities for high value advice on animal nutrition, which promotes the technical performance and health of the animals, and thus at the end of the day–bottom line performance. Enhancing the technical results and feed efficiency has major effects on the need for scarce feed ingredients.

In China, Feed Innovation Services furnishes companies in Europe, in, for instance, match-making, finding local partners, and project development and management, among others. With our Chinese staff, Feed Innovation Services guides European companies and institutions with their market entry and partner search.

Feed Innovation Services has its representation in China since 2007. The knowledge and experience gained on the Chinese feed and food chains, and relationships built up over the years, allows the company to assist both Chinese and international enterprises with their feed and food formulation, nutrition and quality standard issues, and translates those to practical and profit-oriented solutions. The registration of most products with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture is a mandatory requirement before you can start exporting your product to China. For more information on product registration see our Business Support section.