Middle East and Oceania

Since 2014, Feed Innovation Services has established its presence in the Middle East and Oceania regions; our core activities focusing on provision of invaluable quality advisory services to companies seeking to improve their feed formulation to meet the health requirements and production efficiency of animals.

Feed Innovation Services strives to provide total solutions to its clients in these regions; for technical solutions outside our core animal nutrition expertise, we work together with our distinguished partners – all reputable veterinarians, engineers, suppliers, distributors etc.

In addition, Feed Innovation Services assists companies in the development of new products. The main areas for product development are in feed additives and feed ingredients. We assist companies in (i) formula and new recipe development, (ii) technological treatments for enhancing the functional properties, and (iii) testing the products in daily practice.

For testing of products in daily practice, we make use of our research facilities for broilers and pigs where we can evaluate the effects of e.g. raw materials, feed additives and complete feeds. For example:

Broiler and laying hen research – Technical performance and health, Digestibility research, Trials for product registration, feed effect on egg quality etc.

Technical performance, health and faeces consistency, Trials for product registration, fattening trials etc.

For In vitro
A few of the possibilities are fermentation characteristics, digestibility measurements, and immune stimulatory capacity of specific ingredients.

EU market entry
Middle East and Oceania companies seeking entry to the EU market can rely on Feed Innovation Services to guide, support and assist in their business development endeavours.