In October 2015 Feed Innovation Services visited Africa to investigate the technical, economical, and environmental and health (animal and human) benefits of applying the Dutch feed formulation software and nutrition database to the currently used systems by Zimbabwe local feed producers. The expected benefits through the adoption of an animal feed formulation package and Dutch feed ingredients and additives emanating from FIS and its partners, was of major focus.

Efforts were made towards the achievement of a better price / quality ratio of the feed that would lead to improved animal performance and health. These efforts are still ongoing between FIS and the Zimbabwean feed producers who include companies like Lake Harvest who is the Africa’s biggest tilapia fish producer.

This step is a development of major importance to Zimbabwe since agriculture is economically the most important sector contributing 24 % of the total GDP of the country (CZI, 2013). Zimbabwe is striving towards increasing its export of animal products after a long export ban to Europe due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in 2001. As a result priority is given towards growth and professionalization of the animal production sector. Animal feed is of utmost importance to the growth of this sector since it is the major production cost item. Below, photos show some of the different visits made to the feed producers.

FIS majors in providing quality advisory services to feed producers across the globe who seek to improve their feed formulation to meet the health requirements and production efficiency of the animals. We have a wide network in the feed and food chain industry, ranging from animal feed producers to fish farmers and institutions. We also have a big network in the animal feed ingredient and feed additive industry. Besides working with the established feed producers, we also render services to infant feed producers and new entrants to the feed industry. Our prowess in research and development allows us to regularly venture into development and management of projects in partnership with different feed producers and organizations.