Feed Innovation Services assists companies and institutions with advisory services in the following fields.

Feed formulation

For environmental, animal health and animal performance issues it is important to formulate diets which accurately meet optimal nutrient requirements of animals in several stages. Feed Innovation Services makes for these purposes use of CVB ingredient data as developed by the Dutch Product Board for Feed. We offer the following to feed companies:

Feed formulation data:

  • CVB ingredient data;
  • Nutrient requirements for several animal species in several stages;
  • Practical inclusion recommendations of ingredients in several feeds.

Additionally, we can provide:

  • Assistance of practical implementation of feed data in daily feed formulation software, and;
  • Detailed equation rules for calculating of the feeding values per ingredient.

Animal nutrition

Introducing, monitoring and evaluating new developments in animal nutrition. Our special focus is on enhancing health and technical performance of animals, and quality of the food from animal origin through animal nutrition measures.

Quality assurance

Feed Innovation Services qualified consultants and trainers have in depth knowledge on several quality assurance systems which include, but not limited to, GMP+, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS, MSC, etc. We kindly assist companies in starting up, implementing, certifying and maintaining these systems.

Farm management

Next to feed and animal nutrition, the pragmatic management of farm enterprises strongly influences the technical performance of animals and bottom-line performance. Feed Innovation Services can provide on-site advice and coaching pertaining to practical animal husbandry.

Technical audits

Financial institutions can rely on Feed Innovation Services to conduct independent technical audits or business plan review for investment initiatives and proposed projects of for instance the development or expansion of feed manufacturing plants, food processing or livestock projects.


Feed Innovation Services dedicated professionals train personnel and management in feed management, quality management and assurance, and feed formulation.