Business Support

Feed Innovation Services provides International business support services to European companies who seek to enter or expand their business in Asia, Africa, and Middle East and Oceania, and companies from these continents who seek to enter EU markets. The extended network, experience, and expertise of our professionals based in The Netherlands, China and Africa are at your service.

Market entry and product registration

To be able to export feed additives, ingredients or complete feeds to China, registration of the products at the Ministry of Agriculture is needed. This registration procedure can be a frustrating and time consuming activity for companies who lack both experience and contacts with the Ministry of Agriculture and local research institutes. Feed Innovation Services has during the last years been successful in obtaining several Chinese product registration certificates for products of European companies.

Feed Innovation Services successfully have assisted several companies in entering the Chinese market. We help our clients by deploying our Chinese experience built over the years, and solid networks with agents who have valuable contacts at the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. European suppliers can mobilize us to arrange product registration to facilitate this time-consuming and in-transparent process.

Feasibility and market studies

Before entering a new project or market or the start of a product innovation, an objective and reliable assessment of the technical, commercial and economic feasibility is crucial. Feed Innovation Services has the required expertise to conduct (international) feasibility studies in the feed, food and agri industries. As an objective consulting firm, we also prepare your full business plan, to assist you in attracting the necessary funds for you to realize your ideas.

Project development and management

For projects with multiple partners, good project management is a necessity. For a list of projects which in many cases were initiated and managed by Feed Innovation Services, please check our references list at

Matchmaking and events

We have a wide network in the feed and food chain in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East and Oceania. Within this network we can bring companies together for joined business development, organize events and workshops.